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US about the accusations from the RF on the strike on Sevastopol

Jun 24, 2024

The State Department was called "meaningless, hyperbolic statements" accusations of allegedly involvement in the US in Sevastopol on June 23, who today voiced some Russian officials.


It reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Sky News.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has stated today that ATACMS missiles were allegedly used during a blow to Sevastopol, which, according to the Russian side, killed four people and injured another 150. They were delivered by the United States and programmed by US experts.

The Kremlin Prescribe Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow that "the involvement of the United States, a direct involvement, which causes civilians to die without consequences."

During a briefing at the US State Department, Matthew Miller Prescribe was asked about these Russian allegations.

Miller called them unjustified and incorrect.

"I have no score of the basic attack, including who is responsible for it. But in the past, you have seen how Russia makes pointless statements about responsibility," he said.

He recalled the accusation against the USA after the terrorist attack in the Moscow City City City Center, "despite the fact that the United States warned them of the attack."

"For Moscow, it is not unusual to make meaningless, hyperbolic statements about responsibility that are not generated by facts," Miller said.

The State Department also noted that the United States is providing weapons to Ukraine, "that it can protect its sovereign territory from armed aggression, including Crimea, which is, of course, part of Ukraine."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/06/2024

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