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US defense official: Ukrainians are employing HIMARS “very well”

Jun 29, 2022

The Ukrainians are making good use of military assistance they obtain from the USA and other partners.

It was stated by a senior US defense official within a background briefing, held on June 27.

The official regarded the successes of Ukrainian military forces highly.

“As you've likely observed on social media, Ukrainians are noting now that they do have HIMARS in their country. I won't go into any particular details this morning, but all indications are that they are employing them very well. […] I think what you're seeing on the battlefield is that the Ukrainians are making good use of not just our assistance, but systems that they're obtaining from our partners and allies around the world,” the official stated.


It was also reported, that the United States will train another 50 soldiers of the AFU to use the HIMARS missile system in the near future.

The official also said that Russia is making gains in the Donbas but is still facing Ukrainian resistance. The official also said that the US is aware that several Russian generals have been relieved of command and that there are “continued morale concerns with Russian forces.”

As a reminder, first four HIMARS systems have already arrived to Ukraine recently and are used by the AFU. Four more HIMARS are expected within the new aid package from the US till the middle of July. 

Author - Andrew Klark, 29/06/2022

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