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Wagner provocations will be regarded as actions supported by Russia

Aug 4, 2023

Latvia has stated that possible provocations involving mercenaries of the Wagner group, who are currently in Belarus, will be regarded by NATO as actions supported by the Russian leadership.

The new Latvian ambassador to NATO, Maris Riekstiņš, said this in an interview with TV3, as cited by Delfi.

The diplomat considers the risk of provocations by the Wagnerites to be low but does not completely rule out the threat.


According to the ambassador, if provocations do occur, NATO will regard them as actions supported by the Russian leadership, and the Kremlin will not be able to justify itself by saying that the group is a private company.

"I am confident that NATO is ready to respond in accordance with the needs of the situation," he said, adding that NATO regularly analyzes threats and prepares proposals for solutions at the political level.

Author - Olena Madiak, 04/08/2023

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