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Zelensky reacts to Prigozhin's rebellion and appeals to Russians

Jun 24, 2023

Ukraine will definitely be able to defend Europe from any Russian forces, regardless of who commands them. The security of the eastern flank of Europe rests only on Ukrainian defense.


This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, RBC-Ukraine reports, citing a video address by the head of state.

"Today, the world has seen that Russia's masters control nothing. Nothing at all. It's just complete chaos. The complete absence of any predictability. And this is on Russian territory, which is crammed with weapons," the president said.

He emphasized that the world should not be afraid, because our unity protects us.

"Ukraine will definitely be able to protect Europe from any Russian forces - no matter who commands them. We will protect it. The security of Europe's eastern flank rests only on our defense. And that is why every manifestation of support for our defense is support for your defense, for everyone in the free world," he added.

Address to the Russians

During his evening video address, the President addressed the citizens of Russia in Russian. He emphasized that the longer Russians remain inactive, the more their country will collapse.

"I will say it in Russian. The man from the Kremlin is obviously very afraid and is probably hiding somewhere, not showing his face. I'm sure he's not in Moscow anymore. He is calling somewhere, asking for something... He knows what he is afraid of because he created this threat himself. All the evil, all the losses, all the hatred - he spreads it himself. And the longer he can run between his bunkers, the more you will lose... all of you who are connected to Russia," Zelensky said.

He emphasized that Russians must act because the future of their country depends on them.

"And what will you do? The longer your troops are on Ukrainian soil, the more collapse they will bring to Russia. The longer this person stays in the Kremlin, the more disasters will occur," the President emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/06/2023

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