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Biden ordered aides to pay special attention to Trump's statements

Feb 21, 2024

In recent days, US President Joe Biden has personally ordered his senior campaign aides to pay more attention to Donald Trump's “wild comments”.

This was reported by CNN.


According to two sources familiar with the presidential decree, the essence of Biden's instructions to his senior staff was to significantly intensify the campaign's efforts to draw attention to Trump's "crazy" statements in public.

The president's instruction, which was not previously reported, seems to indicate that Biden himself considers it extremely important to portray his likely Republican rival as unhinged and unfit for office. For several weeks, his campaign has been saying that they are fully prepared for Trump to become the Republican nominee.

The president's reelection team has long focused on conveying to voters the black-and-white contrasts between Biden and Trump when it comes to their temperaments and worldviews.

Biden's advisers say that warning voters about what four more years of a Trump presidency will look like is central to their general election strategy - on everything from foreign policy to reproductive rights to protecting democratic institutions.

This strategy is driven in large part by a widespread concern among Biden aides that too many voters seem to have forgotten what they consider to be some of the most outrageous and unacceptable moments of the Trump presidency.

As one senior campaign adviser recently said, they have been surprised by how many voters seem to be wearing "rose-colored glasses" when looking back on the Trump years - a reality the campaign believes they must change by constantly reminding voters of what Trump stands for.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 21/02/2024

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