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US Administration looks for ways to provide emergency aid to Ukraine

Apr 3, 2024

As the House of Representatives delays a decision on further assistance to Ukraine, the US administration will continue to actively seek ways to provide Ukrainians with immediate support, just as it did last month.

This was stated by White House adviser John Kirby at a briefing.

"We have already taken some immediate steps. You have seen how the Pentagon was able to provide $300 million to support Ukrainian forces in an emergency assistance package. We will continue to actively seek out and consider opportunities for further action," the White House official emphasized.

He also noted that the US government is still limited in this situation, as they "need a supplemental funding bill".

Asked whether there is a "deadline" for the government to do more to support Ukraine, Kirby said that this deadline has already passed long ago when the president submitted a request to Congress with an aid package. He noted that due to the inaction of lawmakers in the House of Representatives, Ukrainian commanders on the ground are forced to make difficult decisions on how to conserve ammunition while protecting their positions.

As a reminder, NATO is proposing to create a five-year, $100 billion fund for Ukraine. As part of the package, NATO may also take over the operational responsibilities of the US-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group, which coordinates the supply of weapons to Ukraine from about 50 countries.

In addition, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson promised to put to a vote the issue of funding for assistance to Ukraine. According to him, this will be the next main issue on the agenda after the Congress returns from Easter vacation.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 03/04/2024

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