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Zelenskyy: Mariupol will live in Ukraine, Melitopol will be liberated

Sep 25, 2023

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promises that the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region and Melitopol in the Zaporizhzhia region will be liberated.

Source: Zelensky in Telegram.

Details: The President noted that seventeen cities of Ukraine, including both free and temporarily occupied ones, celebrate their day this Saturday and Sunday.

Literally: "Oster is one of the oldest Ukrainian cities. Kramatorsk. Nemyriv. Beryslav. Zolotonosha. Mykolaivka. Gorodnya. Hayvoron. Vashkovtsy. Sosnovka. Novomoskovsk. Suburban. Gnivan. Bobrynets. Baturyn, whose history remembers both Ukrainian greatness and the tragedy of destruction by the occupiers.


...And Mariupol. Melitopol. Every person matters to us. And every city matters. The border between Ukraine and Russia is not only a state border that is absolutely clear on the political map, but also a border in people's souls. Ukrainians do not destroy, but restore. They do not capture, but liberate. They do not go for someone else's property but return what is theirs.

Mariupol will live in Ukraine. We will liberate Melitopol. I wish each of our cities a speedy victory! We are doing everything for it!"

Author - Olena Madiak, 25/09/2023

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