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44 countries supported a tribunal for Russia’s crimes against Ukraine

Apr 3, 2024

Representatives of 44 countries supported the idea of creating a special tribunal for Russia for crimes committed against Ukraine during the war of aggression.

This is reported with reference to the press service of the Dutch government.


The relevant declaration was adopted following the Restoring Justice for Ukraine conference. In total, 57 countries participated in the conference.

The document was supported by 44 countries. Among them: EU member states, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Moldova, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

"We reiterate the strong condemnation, set out in the Declaration, of the ongoing acts of aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine; these acts, including the attempted illegal annexation of regions of Ukraine, are blatant violations of the Charter of the United Nations, notably the prohibition of the use of force, constitute breaches of international law entailing the state responsibility of the Russian Federation, threaten international peace and security, challenge the respect for the rules-based international order, and undermine democratic values," the declaration reads.

In her speech at the conference, the Dutch Foreign Minister welcomed the creation of the International Register of Damage. According to her, as of the evening of April 2, more than 100 claims for compensation had been received.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba reacted to the decision of 44 countries to support the creation of a special tribunal for Russia.

"I am grateful to all states that recognize the importance of achieving results in this matter. I am confident that by working together, we will be able to find all of the necessary solutions and bring the Tribunal into reality. We need to make another push to get it done," Kuleba wrote on his X (Twitter).

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 03/04/2024

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