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AFU Colonel Reveals Russians' Plans for Easter at the Frontline

Apr 11, 2023

The Russian army has focused its main efforts on capturing Bakhmut. They have about a week, and then they hope for an "Easter truce".


This was told to Channel 24 by Roman Svitan, a colonel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military expert and pilot instructor. He added that the Russians' hopes for a truce after Easter are vain.

Heavy fighting in Bakhmut

According to him, the situation in Bakhmut is difficult now. The Russians have set a goal to completely capture the city by Easter, and therefore have pulled together all possible reserves and equipment. They have high hopes that after they capture Bakhmut, there will be an "Easter truce".

"Now they will make every effort: aviation, artillery, elite units. Prigozhin realized that he had big problems with the task. He realized that they had only escape ahead of them and therefore made appropriate statements that Ukraine had allegedly prepared 400,000 troops and "we (Russians - Channel 24) need to run as far as Rostov." This is the way they present the information, and it shows that they have a week left. They are counting on some kind of truce. I think we will upset them," Svitan said.

The retired Ukrainian Armed Forces colonel said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have brought reinforcements to Bakhmut. Now the front line in the city is near the railroad tracks, which will be very difficult for the Russians to overcome.

General Syrsky is in full control of the situation and will make the right decision for the defense of Bakhmut. I think we need a few more weeks, and then it will be easier,

- Svitan emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 11/04/2023

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