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Biden: there will be no peace talks without Ukraine's participation

Nov 14, 2022

U.S. President Joe Biden considers the liberation of Kherson a significant victory for Ukraine and says that the United States will not negotiate with Russia without Ukraine's participation.

According to European Pravda, Biden said this at a press conference in Bali on Monday.

Biden was responding to a question about whether he considers Russia's retreat from Kherson a turning point in the war and whether the U.S. is ready to support Ukraine to realize Kyiv's stated goal of liberating all territory, including Crimea.

"This is a significant victory for Ukraine. I can do nothing but applaud the courage, determination, and ability of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian military. They were truly extraordinary," Biden commented on the ousting of Russian troops from the right bank of the Kherson region.

He noted that the U.S. will continue to provide opportunities for the Ukrainian people to defend themselves.

"And we're not going to participate in any negotiations. Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. That's a decision the Ukrainians have to make," Biden commented on the possibility of potential negotiations with Russia.

Biden also expects to see some slowdown on the battlefield over the winter months, particularly because of "the inability to move around the country as easily." But the Russian Federation will not be able to achieve its original goal.

Author - Olena Madiak, 14/11/2022

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