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China wants Europe's support for its “peace plan”

Mar 24, 2023

China has called on European countries to "play a role" in supporting peace talks on Russia's war against Ukraine. Beijing wants Europe to support its so-called "peace plan".

This was stated by the head of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Commission Wang Yi, Bloomberg reports.


According to the publication, he made such a proposal in a telephone conversation with the diplomatic adviser to French President Emmanuel Bonne.

“China looks forward to France and other European countries to also play their due role," Wang Yi said.

He said a cease-fire, an end to the war and the resumption of peace talks "should be the strategic consensus between China and Europe."

It is noted that Wang Yi's call came just after Chinese leader Xi Jinping's state visit to Russia, during which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin welcomed China's proposals outlined in the Chinese "peace plan".

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 24/03/2022

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