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Croatia bans pro-Serbian journalist for Russian propaganda

Aug 17, 2023

The head of the Republika Srpska Journalists Association, Daniel Simic, known in Bosnia and Herzegovina for spreading Russian propaganda and denying the genocide in Srebrenica, announced his detention by Croatian police and the decision to ban him from entering the country.

This was reported by Index.hr.

According to the journalist, he was detained for more than three hours at the border with Croatia without explanation, after which he was interviewed by people from Croatian intelligence.


"In general, they were interested in where I came from and how I ended up in Donbas. When I first arrived, with whom I had contact," Simic said.

He expressed his belief that the reason for the persecution and illegal detention is solely my war reporting from Donbas and other political views.

The propagandist added that the decision did not specify whether he was permanently banned from entering Croatia.

Simic denied the genocide in Srebrenica and Serb war crimes during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his reports on the war in Ukraine, he also repeatedly claimed that a military coup against the democratically elected government took place in Kyiv in 2014.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/08/2023

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