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Czech President Calls for Defeating Russia

May 22, 2023

Czech President Petr Pavel has called for continued efforts to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

He made the statement during a rally to commemorate the victims of Nazi persecution at the National Cemetery in Terezín, iDNES reports.

"At this stage, I would like to urge that we do not abandon our joint efforts to defeat Russia in Ukraine and that we reject the violation of the rules of the international order that is taking place before our eyes. We must be motivated. We should be motivated by the same historical experience that we are talking about today. It is right that we recall it and put it in the context of today's situation, only in this way can we avoid repeating the mistakes of the past," said Pavlo.


At the same time, he recognized that citizens in the Czech Republic and across Europe are concerned about the difficulties of everyday life caused by the economic and social consequences of the war.

"War fatigue puts pressure on politicians and makes it difficult to manage public finances. It will be increasingly difficult to maintain unity in support of Ukraine," the Czech president said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 22/05/2023

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