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France will equip Ukrainian battalions with dozens of armored vehicles

May 15, 2023

In the coming weeks, France will train and equip several battalions with dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks, including AMX-10RC.


This was stated in a statement by the Presidents of Ukraine and the French Republic during a meeting in Paris, which was published on the President's website.

The Presidents of Ukraine and France have once again reiterated their unequivocal condemnation of Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine. Ukraine has demonstrated extraordinary resolve in exercising its inalienable right to self-defense against this unprovoked and unjustified attack. Russia must immediately, fully, and unconditionally withdraw all its troops from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. France and Ukraine separately call on Russia to withdraw from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (ZNPP), whose irresponsible seizure and militarization by Russian armed forces pose a serious threat.

"France remains steadfast in its commitment to Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. France highly appreciates the determination and courage of the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces and recognizes their significant contribution to the security of the European continent and beyond. France will continue to provide political, financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine as long as necessary, individually and through international cooperation within the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, and other formats," the statement said.

By defending the security of the European continent, France, Ukraine, and other partners are also defending the rules-based international order.

The military support provided by France since the beginning of the war to enable Ukraine to defend itself will continue as new military packages are being prepared, taking constant account of Ukraine's most urgent and immediate needs to strengthen its defense capabilities. France is committed to ensuring full capacity in all areas.

France is focusing its efforts on maintaining Ukraine's air defense capabilities to protect its population from Russian attacks. In addition to its national contribution, the French Republic is actively involved in the European Union and NATO's military assistance to Ukraine and training of the Ukrainian military.

In addition to military assistance, the French Republic has provided civilian assistance to Ukraine, including financial, humanitarian and emergency support. In particular, France has donated two mobile DNA laboratories to Ukraine to strengthen Ukraine's ability to investigate war crimes. This assistance will continue to grow.

The French Republic supports Ukraine's initiative for a just and sustainable peace based on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Ukrainian peace formula contains a number of important provisions, many of which France is already working on. France expresses its support for the Ukrainian formula for peace and is ready to work with Ukraine to ensure the widest possible international participation in the Global Peace Summit to be convened in the coming months on the basis of the Ukrainian formula for peace and other possible good faith proposals.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 15/05/2023

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