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German Minister Criticizes Poland for Ban on Grain Imports

Apr 18, 2023

German Agriculture Minister Jem Ozdemir has criticized Poland over the suspension of grain imports from Ukraine.

This is reported by Handelsblatt.

In connection with the suspension of grain imports from Ukraine to Poland and other EU countries, Ozdemir called for European unity.

"Solidarity with Ukraine remains a priority, and a coordinated and rule-based European approach is needed," he said.

According to the German minister, Poland proved to be a strong partner of Ukraine last year.

"We regret all the more that Poland has now closed its borders to Ukrainian agricultural exports," Ozdemir added.

He emphasized that "European solidarity should not be sacrificed to short-term national individual interests" as this would only play into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ozdemir said that in the face of Russian aggression, it is important for Ukraine to get its products to international markets and generate revenue, recalling that Russia is already obstructing Ukrainian exports through the Black Sea.

"As allies, we should not create additional obstacles in Ukraine's way by taking unilateral measures," he emphasized.

Author - Olena Madiak, 18/04/2023

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