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German politicians call for giving Ukraine Taurus missiles

Jul 30, 2023

German politicians from the ruling coalition and the opposition called for Taurus missiles for Ukraine.


According to Khvylya, this was reported by DW.

Thus, a number of German politicians insist that Germany, following the UK and France, should provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with long-range missiles.

In particular, Bundestag deputy from the opposition Christian Democratic Union Roderich Kiesewetter said that Berlin should immediately provide Kyiv with long-range Taurus missiles.

According to him, the Bundeswehr has 600 Taurus missiles in service, of which about 450 are not ready for use in combat, but can be modernized by MBDA and prepared for shipment to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Markus Faber, an expert from the Free Democratic Party, which is part of the ruling coalition, reminded that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been successfully using Storm Shadow missiles supplied by the UK.

He emphasized that this demonstrates the importance of this type of weapon for Ukraine.

It should be noted that the Taurus KEPD 350/150 is a subsonic, long-range, air-to-ground tactical cruise missile for precision strikes and engagement of highly protected and deeply buried targets without the missile carrier entering the enemy air defense zone.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/07/2023

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