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If EU doesn’t help Ukraine, generations of Europeans will pay price

Apr 11, 2024

The amount of EU assistance to Ukraine is not excessive, but it is very important. If Ukraine capitulates to Russia, the next generations of Europeans will pay the price.

This was stated by the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, according to a report citing the official's speech during the European Parliament's plenary session in Brussels on April 10.


The diplomat noted that the EU, its institutions, and member states have already provided Ukraine with quite substantial assistance in the amount of 96 billion euros, of which 31 billion euros is military aid. According to him, Brussels also provides additional macro-financial, humanitarian, and other types of assistance.

"Some may say: “Oh, it is very expensive to support Ukraine”. Not to support Ukraine and let Ukraine fall in front of the Russian aggression will be much more expensive for us, and for the generations to come because Russia will become a bigger threat to our security and freedom," Borrell said.

The High Representative also noted that the EU should support Ukraine for as long as necessary, using all the capabilities it has, both financially and militarily.

"And we are supporting them and offering an unwavering support to our neighbour Ukraine. Not just because it is our neighbour, because it is our partner. One of our most partners and now a candidate to become a member of the European Union. And its (Ukraine's - ed.) independency, its sovereignty, its territorial integrity are also part of our capacity to continue living in freedom," Borrell said.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 11/04/2024

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