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In Armenia activists repeated the picket near the Russian base

Jan 16, 2023

In Armenia, activists of the extra-parliamentary "National Democratic Pole" once again held a picket near the Russian military base in Gyumri on January 15 with the title "Blockade for the sake of getting out of the blockade. The first such action was held last weekend.

Radio Azatutyun informed me about it.


The activists celebrate the responsibility of the Russians for the situation with the Lachin corridor, the only land artery connecting Armenia with Nagorno-Karabakh, which since December 12 has been blocked de facto by Azerbaijan under the guise of action of environmental activists. Because of this, there was a shortage of basic goods in Karabakh.

The protesters demanded that Russia fulfill its peacekeeping obligations under the November 2020 agreement, which ended the last hot phase of the war, and ensure free movement through the Lachin corridor.

Author - Olena Madiak, 16/01/2023

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