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Italian journalists came under Russian fire in Kherson Oblast

Dec 21, 2022

Two Italian reporters, who worked in the Kherson region, came under Russian artillery fire and were slightly injured.

They reported this in their own social networks, from where the news reached the Italian media, writes European Pravda.

The reporter Claudio Locatelli and photographer Nicolo Celesti were traveling in a passenger car with a large "press" sign. Exactly where the incident took place is not known. The journalists talk about "Kherson," the video footage they shot at the time of the incident shows a private sector or village.


Locatelli suffered a minor neck wound behind his ear, apparently from a shard of glass. At least a few small pieces of shrapnel hit the car, piercing the doors and shattering the glass on either side of the front seats.

After the first close call that damaged their car, there was another one nearby. The journalists drove out of the sector where the hits began and eventually hid behind a relatively sturdy building along with the car to check their wounds and try to fix the wheels.

In the description of the video, Locatelli writes that they were shooting "from the opposite bank of the Dnieper River, where the Russian army is standing." In the second half of the video, when they are driving mostly in the eastern direction, the footage clearly shows the Dnieper. As Italian ANSA transcribed his comments on the video, the journalist believes the shooting was intentional, because there was no one else nearby and the car was clearly marked.

Author - Olena Madiak, 21/12/2022

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