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Lithuania will help train about 1,600 military personnel in a year

Feb 1, 2023

Lithuania in 2023 will help to prepare about 1600 Ukrainian military, among other things it considers the organization of training courses for lower-level commanders.

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry said this, according to European Pravda, when telling about the meeting of Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas with Ukrainian Ambassador Peter Beshta.

"Now there are 121 Ukrainian military personnel being trained in Lithuania. A total of 1,600 are planned to be trained this year, Lithuania has allocated 4 million euros for this purpose," the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense reports.

In particular, the training of mortar men and training in the conduct of military-police operations is now taking place. Besides, since the end of January, the Ukrainians have been learning how to work with anti-aircraft guns L70 and will be able to be instructors for others after returning to Ukraine.

The meeting also discussed Ukraine's urgent need to train lower-level commanders, in particular company-level commanders. The possibility to organize a six-week training course for 50-100 commanders at the Lithuanian Military Academy was being considered.

The Defence Ministry also reminded that the total value of the military assistance to Ukraine had reached 283m euros. This includes 2m euros, which was transferred to an international special fund set up by Britain to finance armored vehicles, artillery, and shells for Ukraine.

Author - Olena Madiak, 01/02/2023

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