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Macron admits that China is supporting Russia in the war

Jul 21, 2023

France is aware of facts that may indicate that China is helping Russia in its war against Ukraine.

According to CNN, French Presidential Advisor Emmanuel Bonn told them this in a commentary at the Aspen Security Forum.

A CNN correspondent asked Bonn if the West has any evidence that China is sending military aid to Russia for the war against Ukraine.

"Yes, there are indications that they are doing things that we would like to see them not do," Bonn replied.


When asked if it was weapons, the advisor said that there are known facts of large-scale supply of military capabilities.

Later, French officials clarified that Bonn was referring to dual-use technologies and non-lethal military aid such as helmets and armor.

Asked further what the allies would like China not to do, the adviser said it was both military and economic assistance to Russia.

"What we need most is for China to refrain. We need them to understand that the war in Ukraine is a conflict of global magnitude, and we cannot allow Ukraine to lose, both on principle and for other reasons. For us, there is much more at stake in Ukraine than its sovereignty. To a large extent, it is about stability in the world," said Emmanuel Bonn.

Author - Olena Madiak, 21/07/2023

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