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Michel at the Rada: the EU will help Ukraine win on the battlefield

Jan 19, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin's war is doomed to failure, and the EU is determined to help Ukraine on the battlefield.

President of the European Council Charles Michel said this during a speech at the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, European Truth reports.

"This is more than war, this is a strategy of systematic destruction to make you submit, to force your country to become a vassal state. It is doomed to fail. And it will fail. Ukraine is indestructible, Ukrainians are united, resilient, brave, and rightly proud," Michel said.

He assured that the EU is determined to help you win on the battlefield.

"When President Zelenskyy called me on February 24, he said: 'Charles, we need weapons, we need ammunition.' Three days later, we officially decided to provide - for the first time in EU history - lethal weapons to a third country. In the meantime, weapons and ammunition have already started to arrive At the moment, we have mobilized only 11 billion euros for military support (through the European Peace Foundation and EU member states), in addition, we are training 15,000 soldiers (through our military training mission)".

"The coming weeks and months will be crucial. You need more. More air defense systems, more long-range missiles and ammunition, and most of all you need tanks. Immediately," Michel said.

He added that the EU is doing everything it can to isolate Russia by adopting EU nine packages of tough sanctions. "And this is not the end," Michel promised.

He also mentioned compensating Ukrainians for their losses in the war.

"Ukraine will recover. Damages must be compensated. We have frozen more than 300 billion euros of Russian assets. I am deeply convinced that they should and will be used to rebuild Ukraine," Michel said.

Separately, the head of the European Council noted that the perpetrators of crimes committed in Ukraine will be brought to justice.

Author - Olena Madiak, 19/01/2023

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