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Moscow fires generals because of failures in Donbas, - UK intelligence

Apr 6, 2023

The resignations of Russian generals in 2023 will be significantly more, as the army cannot achieve the Kremlin's goals in the Donbas.

This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defense on Twitter.


As noted in the summary, Russian social media wrote that the Russian Defense Ministry likely fired Colonel General Rustam Muradov as commander of the Eastern Group of Forces (EGF) in Ukraine.

According to British intelligence, the EGF under Muradov has suffered exceptionally heavy casualties in recent months as its poorly conceived assaults repeatedly failed to capture the Donetsk Oblast town of Vuhledar. The operations attracted intense public criticism from across the spectrum of Russian commentators - including Muradov’s own troops.

Muradov took over the EGF after its disastrous attempt to assault Kyiv from the northwest during the initial full-scale invasion.

"He is the most senior Russian military dismissal of 2023 so far, but more are likely as Russia continues to fail to achieve its objectives in the Donbas," the British Defense Ministry noted.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 06/04/2022

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