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Norway to make conditions for Ukrainians more difficult

Dec 7, 2023

Norway is changing the social conditions and rules for Ukrainians applying for temporary protection in the country in an attempt to reduce the "gap" with conditions in neighboring countries, which makes Norway very attractive for relocation.

Source: NRK.

Details: The Norwegian government has decided to change the conditions for Ukrainians with temporary protection in order not to attract new people. The changes will affect housing conditions, payments to families with children, and the possibility of traveling home to Ukraine.

In particular, they want to cancel the retroactive payment of social assistance for a child for the first 12 months of stay in the country, which is paid after the extension of a temporary residence permit at the end of the first year (and families can receive new monthly payments). Transitional arrangements for families already in Norway at the time of the changes are still being finalized.


Control over trips home to Ukraine by those who receive social benefits in Norway and have a residence permit will be strengthened to ensure that people receiving benefits actually live in Norway most of the time. Trips home will need to be justified, and if they contradict the terms of the residence permit, it may lead to the loss of the permit.

Newcomers in need of accommodation will have to apply exclusively to the National Reception Center in the municipality of Rode. The option of accommodation in hotels and recreation centers will no longer be available if people have traveled to another region - the National Reception Center becomes the only "entry point" to get accommodation, and accommodation in hotels is planned to be abandoned.

Author - Olena Madiak, 07/12/2023

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