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Pentagon chief reacts to Xi Jinping's visit to Putin

Mar 24, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin is a "worrying signal" that may indicate China's growing support for Russia. This was stated on Thursday, March 23, by Pentagon Secretary Lloyd Austin.


According to him, Xi's meeting with Putin was a "demonstration of support."

"Xi's visit to Putin and his multi-day stay there, I think, sends a very disturbing message, a message of support," the US Defense Secretary said.

At the same time, Austin noted that there is no evidence that China has transferred lethal weapons to the Russian Federation.

Austin also emphasized that China's provision of material support to the Russian Federation could affect the continuation of the war.

China's so-called peace plan for Russia's war against Ukraine is unlikely to have any chance of being realized. Because it is not.

On March 21, even Putin put an end to it, although his definitions, as is often the case, did not correspond to the meaning of what he said.

"Of course, we have not ignored the situation around Ukraine. We believe that many of the provisions of the "peace plan" proposed by China are in line with Russian approaches and can be taken as a basis for a peaceful settlement when the West and Kyiv are ready for it. But so far, we have not seen such readiness on their part," Putin said during a press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It should be reminded that the Chinese plan lacks a key point, without which it categorically does not suit Ukraine. Namely, there is no proposal to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of our country. And a ceasefire and peace talks are exactly what the Kremlin wants. As well as taking into account inadequate delusions about some kind of security guarantees.

The same point is made by the U.S. State Department, Britain, and NATO leadership.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 24/03/2023

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