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Poland repairs damaged weapons from Ukraine in secret workshop

Jan 30, 2023

Poland has launched a large-scale repair operation to restore damaged Ukrainian artillery and armored vehicles and return them to the battlefield.


This is stated in a report by The Wall Street Journal, Ukrinform reports.

It is noted that the repairs are being carried out by employees of an enterprise owned by the Polish Armaments Group at a location that the publication has pledged not to disclose.

The plant operates in three shifts around the clock, and is in constant contact with Ukrainians on the battlefield, using encrypted programs to advise them on how to repair tanks, missiles, and other weapons on the spot.

Armed officers from the Internal Security Agency monitor the work of the workshop to prevent sabotage, similar to those that have affected arms factories in other countries, including Bulgaria.

Each of the approximately 400 employees involved in the work must be a Polish citizen. The vetting process for new employees can take several months.

The authors of the report saw three 155-millimeter AHS Krab self-propelled guns being repaired by technicians in a large workshop "the size of a football field."

In the future, Poland will play an important role in the repair and maintenance of American Abrams tanks and German Leopard 2 tanks that will be delivered to Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/01/2023

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