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Polish Foreign Ministry: Relations with Ukraine are "not the best" now

Aug 2, 2023

Poland has said that relations with Ukraine "have not been the best lately" due to statements by Ukrainian authorities.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Pawel Jablonski said this on RMF FM.

According to him, there are many issues on which Poland and Ukraine do not agree.

The representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry also spoke about the upcoming meeting with a representative of the Ukrainian Embassy.


"The conversation will be very frank. It will be very specific, as always. We will convey our assessment of the current state of our relations, which, unfortunately, due to the recent statements of some representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, is not the best. No one is hiding this," Yablonski said.

He believes that the representatives of Ukraine have some emotions, but, according to him, Poland remains lenient because Ukraine was attacked. According to the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, Ukraine should not attack its allies either.

"We are guided by the policy of Polish national interests. We support Ukraine to the extent that it is in line with Polish national interests. This has always been the case and will always be the case," the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 02/08/2023

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