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Prime Minister of Estonia: Hungary's behavior is very alarming

Nov 22, 2022

Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas is worried by the statements of Budapest that the inflation in Europe and high prices of energy carriers are caused by sanctions against Russia.

She said this in the Riigikogu on Tuesday, answering questions from deputies after her report on the government's implementation of European Union policies, ERR reported.

"Hungary's behavior is very alarming," Kallas said.
"Until now, Hungary has also supported these sanctions and agreed with them. As long as it says one thing and does another, the problem is not that big, but I'm also very concerned about the way Hungary is running ad campaigns that make it seem as if all this inflation, and energy prices are caused by the sanctions. No, it's not caused by sanctions, it's caused by war," the prime minister stressed.

According to her, the problem is also the fact that some Western Balkan countries have very close ties with Russia.

According to Kai Kallas, history has shown that anyone who builds his or her security or prosperity on Russia will sooner or later be deceived and pay a painful price for it.

Author - Olena Madiak, 22/11/2022

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