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Putin invaded Ukraine because the world did not stop him earlier

May 9, 2023

Russia's invasion of Ukraine became possible because the international community failed to respond adequately to Putin's previous aggression.


According to an Ukrinform correspondent, this was stated by former Secretary of State and US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a speech in Ottawa.

According to her, when Putin invaded Georgia in 2008, "we all urged him to negotiate, made speeches on this issue." "We expressed our complete rejection, but no one did anything. Think of the lessons that Putin learned from that," Clinton said.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, "again, it was like, gosh, it would be nice if he didn't do that, it's very unfortunate, but we have other problems to focus on, other places to focus on." "From this, Putin realized that he could get away with invading other countries, interfering in elections, and buying influence to fulfill his grand goal of restoring Russian greatness," the former Secretary of State said.

Clinton emphasized that the only solution now is for Ukraine to win, and it needs the support of the international community. "It is in our interest to stop Russia," she said.

Clinton added that a repeated failure to stop Russia "would be catastrophic in terms of unleashing Chinese aggression."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/05/2023

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