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Romania wants to produce SkyCeptor interceptor missiles

Aug 3, 2023

Representatives of the Romanian company Electromecanica and the American Raytheon Missiles & Defense signed a letter of intent to produce SkyCeptor interceptor missiles in Romania.

This is reported by Evropeiska Pravda with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism of Romania.

"The signing of the letter is the next step after the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding in 2022 when Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Electromecanica began negotiations on the production of SkyCeptor interceptor missiles in Romania, which means the beginning of cooperation and the definition of its framework," the statement said.


Romanian Minister of Economy Stefan-Radu Oprea noted that the Romanian defense industry needs investment, technology, and know-how exchange.

He emphasized that the signing of the letter of intent is another proof of the functioning of the strategic partnership with the United States.

The SkyCeptor is a simplified modification of the Stunner interceptor missile developed by Rafael and Raytheon for the Israeli Sling of David air defense system. The missile can be used to intercept multiple launch rockets, anti-aircraft missiles, guided bombs, and long-range strategic cruise missiles.

Author - Olena Madiak, 03/08/2023

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