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Sanchez calls for increased defence investment in the EU

Apr 10, 2024

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez strongly defends the need to increase investment in defense at the European level in the face of Russia's aggressive actions in order to strengthen the deterrence potential and bring the sector's industry to a level that would be in line with the European economy.

This was reported by El Boletin.


Before the plenary session of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Sánchez once again complained that the European security and defense industry had been "neglected for too long", which had led to a €56 billion investment deficit.

"We have fewer capabilities, we suffer from digital vulnerabilities that are exacerbated by the rise of artificial intelligence, serious deficiencies in the defense industry, despite the fact that the European economy is seven times larger than Russia's," he said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 10/04/2024

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