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Some U.S. weapons were ineffective in Ukraine due to RF GPS jamming

May 25, 2024

Some American weapons, including satellite-guided munitions, proved ineffective in Ukraine because they could not withstand Russian GPS jamming technologies. Because of this, the Ukrainian side refused to use some types of weapons, writes WP.


According to the publication, citing statements by high-ranking Ukrainian military personnel, Russia's jamming of modern Western weapon guidance systems, such as Excalibur artillery shells with GPS guidance and HIMARS systems, undermined Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian invaders.

"Russia continues to expand the use of means of radio-electronic warfare. At the same time, we continue to ensure that Ukraine has the capabilities necessary for effective protection," reacted to this information in the USA.

WP emphasizes that Russia's ability to fight with high-tech ammunition has consequences not only for Ukraine, it is also dangerous for the countries of the West. After all, the aggressor state can provide these technologies to its allies - China and Iran.

"Since we share information with our partners, and our partners share with us, the Russians certainly share with China as well. And even if they don't share with China... China is watching events in Ukraine," said a senior Ukrainian military officer.

According to some reports, the 155-mm Excalibur projectiles are currently only 10% effective. Although, even last year, their effectiveness exceeded 50% - that is, more than half of these shells hit enemy targets.

Previously, military experts have repeatedly emphasized that the Russians have known for years how to effectively wage electronic warfare. American experts add that Russia's use of electronic warfare to combat guided munitions has become a significant event on the battlefield over the past year.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/05/2024

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