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Spanish telecom operator sent 14 generators to Ukraine

Jan 13, 2023

Spanish telecommunications company Fundación Telefónica has sent 14 generators to Ukraine to provide vital facilities, such as hospitals and schools, as part of an initiative that is part of the #SolidaridadconUcrania campaign that Telefónica launched when the war began.

This was reported by Europa Press.

The Telefónica Group offers financial, human, and digital resources, side by side with social organizations that work in Ukraine.


In the first phase, the company provided both financial assistance and free telephone, roaming, and messaging services to its customers, companies, and individuals in Ukraine. During the second phase, almost six tons of basic necessities, such as food that does not spoil, hygiene products, and first aid sanitary materials were collected and sent to Ukraine.

In the third phase, Fundación Telefónica coordinates various activities with social organizations to promote social integration, education, and leisure activities for displaced Ukrainians in Spain. In addition, with the help of Telefónica volunteers, an advisory program on cybersecurity for social institutions is being promoted to ensure the proper functioning of transactions.

Author - Olena Madiak, 13/01/2023

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