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The Government of Hungary made another decision in favor of Russia

Jan 14, 2023

The Orbán government continues its disgusting policy of supporting modern fascist Russia, actually playing along with it in everything related to the war against our country.


Today it became known that the Hungarian authorities will not allow the transit of weapons for the Ukrainian military through its territory. This is allegedly due to concern for the safety of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia.

This decision is stated in the statement of the head of the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary Gergely Gyasi.

The official reminded that currently, about 300 thousand ethnic Hungarians live in Ukraine. According to him, the government of each country chooses how much it wants to support Ukraine during the war with Russia. However, Hungary believes that if at least one NATO member state intervenes, it could lead to the beginning of the Third World War. Although this is complete nonsense - for example, Poland has been letting weapons for Ukraine through itself since the beginning of the invasion and nothing.

He also said that the supply of heavy weapons by Western countries to Ukraine could cause another escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

I wonder what even greater escalation is possible than the one that is going on now?

No one pisses off the majority of Ukrainians as much as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his loyal henchman - Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. They are even more annoying than Putin, with whom everything is clear - he is the personification of evil and an international criminal. But the Hungarian leadership is trying to stay in the camp of civilized countries while doing everything to ensure that Ukraine loses the war with Russia, which means it is physically destroyed. And this is not an exaggeration.

Recall that at the end of December, Orban in an interview with the pro-government newspaper Magyar Nemzet said that Ukrainians can fight as long as the United States will support them with weapons and money, and "if the Americans want peace, there will be peace". That is, he called on the Americans to stop helping our country.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry then responded to Orban's words. He was directly accused of pathological disregard for our country and people.

"The statements of the Hungarian Prime Minister demonstrate a pathological disregard for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people who are resisting Russian aggression, as well as his own political myopia. After all, Ukraine's defeat in the war, which Viktor Orban indirectly calls for, would lead to a direct threat of Russian aggression for Hungary and Hungarians," the Foreign Ministry's press service said in a statement.
"The Hungarian leader should ask himself whether he wants peace. If the answer is yes, he should use his close ties with Moscow to make it stop the aggression against Ukraine and withdraw its troops," - the Foreign Ministry added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 14/01/2023

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