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The US explains its support for a "hybrid tribunal" for Russia

Mar 30, 2023

US State Department spokesperson Andrea Callan claims that the so-called hybrid tribunal for the Russian crime of aggression is the most effective and legitimate means of bringing Russia to justice.

Kalan voiced this explanation in an interview with the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty.

According to the representative of the US Department of Foreign Affairs, the "hybrid tribunal" will be "international, internationalized, but based on the legal system of Ukraine" and will be located not in Ukraine but in another European country.

"This way we can guarantee that it will be impartial and legitimate. This is what we all want," emphasized Kalan.

"We all want to see all those who are committing and have committed crimes against Ukraine and against Ukrainians brought to justice and punished. And what we know is that evil will be punished, and the guilty must be held accountable. That is why the United States supports this particular form of a hybrid court. Because this is exactly what can ensure that all those responsible are held accountable," she added.

Commenting on one of Ukraine's objections - that a "hybrid tribunal" would not be able to prosecute Vladimir Putin personally - the State Department spokesperson reminded that the International Criminal Court had recently issued an arrest warrant for him.

"So there are different forms. But this particular hybrid court - of course, we need to work out the details of this court, but it may just be the answer to the requirement to be the most legitimate, the most transparent, to enjoy international support, to do everything possible to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable," Kalan said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/03/2023

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