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US Ambassador criticizes Hungary for strengthening ties with Russia

Dec 6, 2023

US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman criticized the government in Budapest for "ignoring the interests" of its NATO allies and strengthening ties with Russia.

He said this during a speech to American companies that have invested in Hungary, Reuters reports.

The American diplomat said that Hungary is currently developing as a member of the EU and NATO, which allows companies to do successful business here.


"However, today we are increasingly seeing an ally that relies on its NATO allies and feels comfortable disregarding the interests of those same allies and our Alliance, including during the war in Europe," Pressman said.

According to him, this disregard for allies becomes apparent when Prime Minister Viktor Orban "hugs" Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government threatens to delay much-needed aid to Ukraine.

Author - Olena Madiak, 06/12/2023

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