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10 Russian oligarchs with "golden visas" are on the sanctions list

Jan 12, 2023

British Interior Ministry: 10 Russian oligarchs are on the sanctions listen Russians, who were put on the UK sanctions list after the invasion of Ukraine, used the "golden visa" to move to the UK for the super-rich.

This was announced by the British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, writes The Guardian.

The minister said that a "minority" of the more than 6,000 people who have used the Tier 1 visa route (investors) are potentially at high risk of wealth because of corruption, illegality, or organized crime - and that many of them are still under police investigation.


The figures were released in a written statement Thursday after a long-awaited review of the visa scheme, which many accused of allowing Kremlin-backed oligarchs to gain a foothold in Britain.

The Tier 1 visa route, through which wealthy individuals could acquire the right to live in Britain by investing in companies registered in Britain, was shut down in February after Russia invaded Ukraine amid fears of abuse of the system.

For seven years between 2008 and 2015, there were minimal checks on the sources of funds, applicants did not need a bank account in Britain, and there were no special checks for money laundering.

Author - Olena Madiak, 12/01/2023

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