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6 people injured in night attack in Odesa region

Jul 24, 2023

As a result of an enemy attack in the Odesa region, the port infrastructure of the Danube River was damaged, and 6 people were injured - 4 of them were hospitalized.

This was reported by Ukrayinska Pravda.

Direct speech: "Russian terrorists attacked the Odesa region once again last night. This time they targeted the port infrastructure of the Danube River. For four hours, Russians attacked the ports with Shahed-136 drones. Three drones were destroyed by our air defense forces.


Six people were injured in the night attack. Four wounded were hospitalized in the region, one of whom is in moderate to serious condition. Doctors managed to stabilize the patient. The other three were treated for light shrapnel wounds and bruises."

Author - Olena Madiak, 24/07/2023

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