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A company of Russian soldiers has disappeared in Donbas

Apr 12, 2023

Fascist Russia has already reached the point where it is literally selling its military. Thus, more than a hundred mobilized fighters were transferred to the ranks of Wagner's PMC.


But the "chmobiks" did not want to sign contracts with Prigozhin's PMC. It seems to have cost them dearly. At the moment, they are considered missing.

This story is told with reference to the relatives of the occupiers by the Russian Telegram channel Astra, which positions itself as an opposition channel.

Initially, the former "president of South Ossetia", Lieutenant General Anatoly Bibilov, threatened the "chmobiks". Then, when the general's words did not work, armed Wagnerites took the refuseniks to Kadiyivka, where they were locked in the depot of a factory.

The last messages from the occupiers to their relatives indicate that they were going to be transported somewhere to a training ground. After that, the connection with them disappeared. It can be assumed that they were actually taken somewhere to the front lines, where they were used as cannon fodder

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 12/04/2023

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