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AFU liberated as much territory in weeks as Russia seized in 6 months

Jul 11, 2023

The Ukrainian military has de-occupied almost as much territory as Russian troops have captured in more than six months during counteroffensive operations since the beginning of summer.

These estimates were made by analysts of the Institute for the Study of War in a new ISW report.


Based on their own terrain data, ISW experts estimate that since the beginning of the Ukrainian counteroffensive on June 4, the Defense Forces have retaken approximately 253 square kilometers of territory.

At the same time, the Institute notes that Ukrainian official reports on the liberated territories differ from ISW's data. This is due to the fact that Ukraine "calculated its initial control over the territory differently," the report says.

Thus, ISW analysts provide their own data on the liberated lands to compare the achievements of Russia and Ukraine - here, the analysts took the apples-to-apples comparison as a basis.

"Russian forces have captured a total of 282 square kilometers in the entire theater since January 1. In five weeks, Ukrainian forces have liberated nearly the same amount of territory that Russian forces captured in over six months," the report says.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 11/07/2023

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