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Ahedzhakova was fired from the theater because of her anti-war stance

Feb 8, 2023

Famous actress and Dnipro native Liya Ahedzhakova was fired from the Sovremennik Theater by order of the management for supporting Ukraine. This was reported by the Russian media.


According to her, the theater, where she had worked for 45 years, began receiving angry letters addressed to her, so the celebrity was removed from all productions.

At the same time, Liya Ahedzhakova said that she knew whose hands it was, but realized that she could not do anything.

"There is an order, these performances have already been replaced. I was warned by the director that I would no longer be in the repertoire at the request of some angry people who wrote him letters, and the Department of Culture confirmed that I would be removed from the theater's repertoire. I'm sitting here crying. I understand everything, I know who is writing this, who is organizing it, but nothing can be done," she said.

As a reminder, in December, Russian actor Anatoly Bely, originally from the Ukrainian city of Bratslav in Vinnytsia region, left the aggressor country for Israel at the beginning of the war. At that time, he described the future of the terrorist state in an interview on the YouTube channel Shall We Talk?

Bilyi believes that people will continue to look at the world through propaganda, "thinking that patriotism is the letter Z on a T-shirt."

"Patriotism in Russia has acquired a negative connotation... In Russia, you have to love your homeland, and there, the homeland is always demanding something from you-you don't love me that much, give your life, your child, give everything. And here, if you open up to the country, the country opens up to you... I meet people among my colleagues who believe that they will return, who believe that this darkness will pass someday... And I am one of those people who think that this darkness will last for a long time. That is, my life will not be enough for something to turn for the better there, in Russia," the actor said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/02/2023

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