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Air Force explains why Russians launch fake targets in Ukraine

Dec 5, 2023

The Russians are using "fake targets" in the war against Ukraine to mislead our defense forces. They can be either real or simulated using enemy technology.


This was stated by Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Answering the question about the purpose of the Russians' "fake targets," Ihnat said that these enemy actions are misleading.

"Sometimes this target can be the operation of multiple launch rocket systems. They also give a "pickup" on radar, that is, a radar station can capture the signal of Smerch, Grad, Uragan, etc. and then it seems that it is a missile," said Ihnat.

He noted that the enemy's electronic warfare equipment can also emit a radio magnetic pulse, which Ukrainian radar stations will accordingly perceive as a target.

"It may appear on monitors showing the air situation for a while and then disappear. We don't know right away whether it is the work of electronic warfare or not, but we have to inform people very quickly that there is a missile threat," explained the spokesman.

Ihnat clarified that in the end, the target may cease to exist, even if it is a real missile (for example, an X-59), but it may simply fall in the field before reaching the target.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 05/12/2023

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