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Alpha fighters attacked Russian positions with the kamikaze drone

Jan 18, 2023

In particular, a number of enemies were killed by the Special Forces of the "A" Special Operations Center of the Security Service of Ukraine. During aerial reconnaissance, the specialists discovered enemy trenches already dotted with the corpses of the occupants. And after a series of hits by kamikaze drones on their positions, the number of eliminated Russians increased significantly. This was reported by the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine on January 17.


The footage shows how the operator skillfully directs the drones at enemy targets.

We are fighting for every inch of our land! We are working until the complete victory!" - the SBU signed the bright video.

To recall, Ukrainian servicemen from a T-72 tank of the Arnaut battalion destroyed a dugout with the occupants, as well as enemy engineering obstacles with direct fire. The video of the destruction of the enemy position was posted online by the Ministry of Defense.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 18/01/2023

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