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Artillery of the AFU destroyed Russian "Hurricanes" near Zaporizhzhia

Jul 9, 2023

HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems destroyed two BM-27 Uragan MLRSs of the Russian occupiers at firing positions in the Zaporizhzhia sector with high-precision GMRLS shells along with their crews.


This was reported by MP, frontline volunteer, and blogger Yuriy Mysyagin on his Twitter page, posting a video.

The video was filmed by unmanned aerial vehicles, whose operators found "fat" targets, transmitted their exact geodetic coordinates to HIMARS calculations, and recorded the result of their work - direct hits.

It should be noted that there were also gaps near the targets. Therefore, it is possible that these direct hits were not from the first shot.

The first Uragan was in a firing position in a combat position in a field near a forest belt before it was destroyed.

The second one drove into the wooded area, hoping in vain to camouflage itself from our aerial reconnaissance. After a direct hit, at least one of his missiles spontaneously disappeared.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/07/2023

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