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Austria to convene National Security Council over Russian spy

Apr 1, 2024

On 9 April, Austria will hold a meeting of the National Security Council due to the detention of Egisto Ott, a former employee of the now-disbanded Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism (BVT), on suspicion of espionage.

This was reported by Der Standard.

The meeting will be convened by Austrian Federal Chancellor Karl Negammer following a request from the Green parliamentary group.


"There are espionage charges against Egisto Ott, a former BVT employee. These charges are serious. On the one hand, these allegations must now be examined by the judiciary. On the other hand, the security situation in the country needs to be assessed and clarified," Negammer said in a statement.

According to the chancellor, it is necessary to prevent Russian spy networks from threatening Austria by infiltrating or exploiting political parties or networks.

Author - Olena Madiak, 01/04/2024

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