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Azov commanders decide to return to the front

Jul 9, 2023

Azov commander Denys Prokopenko, who returned to Ukraine with four of his comrades-in-arms from Turkey, where they had been after the exchange on September 21 last year, made a statement about his plans.


At first, he said somewhat pathetically, and then quite bluntly, that he intends to fight the Russian fascists. His deputy, Svyatoslav Palamar, intends to do the same.

"I am deeply convinced that the army is a team effort, and from today we will continue to fight together, we will definitely have our say in battle. The most important thing is that the Ukrainian army has seized the strategic initiative on the front line, and every day we are moving forward, destroying the enemy and liberating the temporarily occupied territories. And we will do everything possible and impossible to speed up this process and bring the war to its logical conclusion," Prokopenko told reporters in Lviv.

When asked whether they would return to the front, Prokopenko replied: "Of course. That's why we came back to Ukraine. This is our main goal."

"We are back and we will continue to do our job. We are military men, we took an oath," Palamar added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 09/07/2023

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