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Biden reacted sharply to failure of vote on Ukraine and named threats

Dec 7, 2023

US President Joe Biden reacted sharply to the failure of the Senate's vote on aid to Ukraine. He blamed the Republicans for this.

This is reported with reference to Biden on X (Twitter).


The American president called the Senate's vote "political blackmail". Biden accused the Republicans of playing political games.

"Republicans in Congress are threatening to cut off support for Ukraine unless they can force through their extreme partisan border policies. It’s political blackmail, pure and simple. The stakes are too high and the consequences are too significant for political brinksmanship," Biden wrote.

Yesterday, December 6, US President Joe Biden addressed Congress. He called for approval of the request, which includes more than $60 billion to finance assistance to Ukraine.

Republicans in the upper house of the US Congress refuse to support the initiative. They are demanding that the White House introduce more radical proposals to secure the US border with Mexico.

As expected, the bill did not pass a procedural vote in the US Senate.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 07/12/2023

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