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Biden wants to hear Zelenskyy's assessment of the military situation

Sep 19, 2023

Joe Biden is looking forward to meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the White House to hear from him personally about developments in Ukraine, in particular, about the progress of the Armed Forces counteroffensive.

"The president (Biden - ed.) is looking forward to hearing from President Zelensky about the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the progress they're making - sort of his own assessment of what the situation looks like on the battlefield," Kirby said.

In addition, he said, Biden wants to reassure Zelenskyy that when the United States says it will stay with Ukraine as long as necessary, Ukrainians should understand that support will continue.

Kirby emphasized that the meeting at the White House would take place at a "critical time." He reminded that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to make progress in the counteroffensive, Russia is turning to other rogue states such as the DPRK, and the international community is uniting in support of Ukraine, including in the Ramstein format.

A White House official confirmed that the President of Ukraine plans to visit the U.S. Congress during his visit to Washington.

"It's important for members of Congress to hear directly from President Zelenskyy what President Biden will hear from him," the US administration official added.

Kirby also emphasized that the Ukrainian leader has consistently expressed his gratitude in public and in private for everything the United States is doing to support the Armed Forces.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/09/2023

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