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Bulgaria accused Russia of trying to undermine confidence in the euro

Sep 30, 2023

Russia in Bulgaria strengthens the sentiments of Eurosceptics, who aim to block the country's deeper integration into the European Union and the adoption of the bloc's single currency.


This was announced by Bulgaria's Finance Minister Asen Vasylev, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to Bloomberg.

"Fake news sites, coordinated attacks, and political parties with very close ties to Russia are seeking to undermine confidence in the euro during a campaign that has peaked in the summer," the statement said.

He added that the country will stick to its plan to change the currency until 2025.

"We've seen fake news, we've seen Russian propaganda. Russia will try to stop further European integration in general and try to destabilize any efforts in this direction by any country," Vasylev said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/09/2023

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