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Cameron promised that support for Ukraine would not decrease

Dec 5, 2023

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has promised that London's support for Ukraine will not decrease next year.

He said this when answering questions in the House of Lords for the first time in his new position, The Guardian reports.

Cameron noted that the United Kingdom has provided humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine in the amount of more than 4.7 billion pounds and will continue to provide support.


According to him, Britain's military support for Ukraine amounted to 4.6 billion pounds. Cameron noted that this is very important, and this assistance will continue.

He added that the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine is difficult now, but in the Black Sea, Ukrainians have pushed back the Russians.

When asked how much the UK would spend on weapons for Ukraine in 2024, Cameron said he did not have the figure at hand. But, according to him, support will be provided in the same amount as before, or even more.

According to him, the UK will focus on what exactly Ukraine needs.

Author - Olena Madiak, 05/12/2023

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